Pollinate’s wellbeing strategy — the launch of Unmind

To underpin Pollinate’s wellbeing support strategy, we have launched the use of the Unmind platform for all of our employees. This supports our mission for our employees to be their best selves, wherever in the world they are based, and to provide helpful tools they can use beyond the office.

The service, designed to be 100% confidential and accessed anywhere at any time, encourages employees to understand and gain perspective of their own wellbeing. Tools, training and assessments are part of the platform and, with a wide variation of activities, there is something to suit everyone and supports each person’s individual journey.

The Unmind Platform focuses on seven key areas: fulfilment, coping, calmness, happiness, connection, health, and sleep. The platform provides self-guided programmes, in-the-moment exercises, clinically-backed insights, and expressions of gratitude.

A stigma around mental health still exists and continues to be one of the primary reasons for workplace absence, and the current pandemic has seen the nation’s mental wellbeing at an all-time low — Mind, the mental health charity, suggests that over 60% of adults and 68% of young people admitted their mental health got worse over lockdown. COVID has acted as a catalyst for many workplaces to make a change — particularly now that workers are having to merge their work and home life under one roof. Pollinate is no different.

In these times when everyone is under so much stress and pressure, both in and out of work, it is crucially important that we support people to achieve balance in their lives.

Jonathan Hughes
Co-Founder, President & Chief Operating Officer

By partnering with Unmind, we are bringing mental health and wellbeing in focus. Everyone has mental health and culturally it’s important for people to feel they can be themselves. By providing confidential access to the Unmind platform, we hope to equip our people with the tooling to proactively measure, manage and improve their wellbeing. We hope to inspire our people to create daily habits that lead to a better understanding of their own mental health, and support the wellbeing of their colleagues. Collaborating and supporting each other along our journey is key to cultural and business success.

HR at Pollinate

In rolling out the platform, we asked representatives across Pollinate to become Unmind Champions. These members have played a key role in championing the platform pre-launch and we hope they will continue to act as advocates for the app, referring colleagues to tooling and supporting them.

Using Unmind at Pollinate is a great way to support everyone across the business – I particularly like that there are lots of bitesize bits of content that only take a 1-2 minutes each. There are going to be big changes across the business, lots of challenges and new initiatives in the next 12 months, and I wanted to champion Unmind as a simple support tool to help everyone deal with these on a very practical level.

James Bridgman
Head of Global Marketing & Unmind Champion

We are excited to see the influence Unmind will have on our employee’s daily lives and the positive impact that it will bring both inside and outside of the workplace to help our employees thrive.